PointNurse Care Credits and Member-Owner Program

PointNurse is unique for many reasons. These include giving healthcare providers an opportunity for a flexible lifestyle while earning a living and gaining credits toward member-ownership in PointNurse.

We believe giving providers a shot at becoming a PointNurse member-owner is critical to the success of the community as providers gain a sense of belonging, appreciation, cohesion, ownership, and participation in a promising vision to make online healthcare more collaborative and meaningful. Most telemedicine companies are transactional. We believe our unique member-owner program helps foster provider collaboration and maximizes ongoing patient and provider success.

PointNurse is reinventing care through an online community care model (dynamic collaborative teams) and giving healthcare providers an opportunity to gain care credits toward company equity. In addition to earning income for handling urgent care, case management calls, and other care functions, you can gain “care credits” based on the number of on-call hours you take, quality indices, community recruiting, and other markers. These credits are totaled for each provider each year and used to calculate a pro-rata share of any annual community profits. A cumulative care credit composite score will be kept over the life of your membership and redeemable for any pro-rata equity gains associated with a community merger, sale, or IPO (public offering).

RNs, NPs, APRNs, MDs, PhDs, EMTs, MSWs, CNAs, PharmDs, and others can choose to take online urgent care calls or work on collaborative projects managing groups of patients under PointNurse payer contracts.

For practicing and solo clinicians, you can use the PointNurse system for your own clinic or private practice with your own brand and logo.

PointNurse allows its members to select telemedicine projects they would like to work on from home. You can pick and choose which days, times, and types of projects that best suit your preferences. This will give you maximum flexibility and freedom.

All you need is a PC, Mac, or iPad with a camera. You will not receive any calls until your qualifications are verified and you have found a project that best fits your needs.

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