Frequently Asked Questions

Who can join PointNurse?

PointNurse is open to all licensed healthcare and behavioral health professionals including nurses, doctors, physician assistants, psychologists, social workers, home health aides, patient advocates, and others. CLICK TO REGISTER

How does it work?

Nurse Practitioners, Physician Assistants, and Medical Doctors licensed to diagnose, treat, and prescribe, use PointNurse to see new and existing patients online via live video. Patients find these practitioners by going to the PointNurse home page and selecting the state they are located in. Practitioners can also set up their own branded or private page and share the link with patients via clinic web site or in their social channels. Nurse Practitioners in states requiring collaborative agreements and Physician Assistants need to upload the physician collaborator's details to use the platform.

For licensed RNs, LPNs, and medical technicians, PointNurse sends notifications of telehealth projects that match your background, interest, and license. Online training is provided before you start any projects. These projects might include care coordination, coaching, education, case management, or disease management.

For other licensed professionals, you can use PointNurse to set up counseling sessions, or use PointNurse to coordinate and supervise activity with remote home health workers, for example.

What is the member-owner model?

This is one of the things that makes us unique. PointNurse believes all community members should be rewarded for contributing to the success of the community. In addition to receiving payment for actual consults or patient encounters, community members who record a minimum number of available hours, who actively take calls, and who achieve certain performance levels will earn credit towards future ownership of the community.

Do I need my own malpractice insurance?

Nurse Practitioners and Medical Doctors or other clinicians diganosing, treating, and prescribing must carry their own malpractice insurance. PointNurses particpating in PointNurse initiated projects will normally be covered by the payer or health system contracting with the PointNurse Community. You will be notified in advance about the specific insurance requirements on a project by project basis.

Do you verify licenses?

Of course. We use several methods to verify and confirm your licenses.

Can I work whenever I want to? Can I control my own hours?

Yes, from your dashboard, your virtual visit appointment system is activated after 1) you upload your credentials and they are verified and 2) you configure your schedule availability under the Edit My Schedule->Settings tab. Once these are both completed, your booking widget will be activated and accessible when a patient selects the green "Make an Appointment Button" that appears on your profile page after 1) and 2) above are completed.